Our Story

About The Global Leadership Summit in Rochester:

Introducing Lisa Hill DiFusco, a remarkable woman who, nine years ago, embarked on a journey to foster leadership within her local community. With boundless passion and unwavering dedication, she initiated hosting The Global Leadership Summit in Rochester that has since become a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Lisa's nurturing spirit and warm embrace have created a space where aspiring leaders can find their voice, cultivate their strengths, and soar to new heights. Through her selfless efforts, she has ignited a flame of possibility in the hearts of countless individuals, leaving an enduring legacy of hope and transformation.


About The LightHeart Institute:

The LightHeart Institute is dedicated to awakening passion and igniting client's natural ability to succeed and thrive. By posing the question, "What if...you could achieve your dreams...?" the Institute invites clients on a courageous journey of hope, opportunity, creativity and achievement.


Lisa Hill DiFusco is a Senior Executive Coach, Holistic Psychotherapist and Functional Medicine Consultant. In 1987 at the encouragement and inspiration of (former) surgeon and NY Times best-selling author, Bernie Siegel MD, she founded The LightHeart Institute, a holistic coaching, counseling and consulting organization whose mission is to create an upward spiral of intentional leadership, health, healing and vitality, impacting Rochester, and beyond for generations to come.